Small Things In Petroliana


For this month I would like to talk about the small things in petroliana.

Most of the gas and oil companies gave out many different kinds of freebies or promotional items to a lot of their customers, kind of like an incentive to ensure that they would return. Some of these things included keychains, Small Collectible Oil & Gas Memorabiliawatch fobs, and many other things. Because there are so many items for each company it is hard to say that you are done collecting. The Oilzum watch fob is a very rare item to find because Oilzum is such a sought after and collectible company. Things like this don’t come to market very often, and I am proud to own this one. The Mobil pegasus key charm is one of the more common smalls on the market and one of my favorite the company had. Small Collectible Oil & Gas Memorabilia

Some other items that are included in the “smalls” category are things that the station attendant would have used to do his job. An example of that is a dipstick with the oil company’s logo or the gas stations name. These were used to check the fuel before the gas gauge was invented. Another item includes the badges and name tags the attendant would have worn on his uniform, they would have looked like the Mobil ones in the picture.

Small Collectible Oil & Gas Memorabilia Small Collectible Oil & Gas Memorabilia
This is what fellow collector Hubba Floughton from Seattle WA has to say about smalls, “I have been collecting gas and oil memorabilia for about 25 years and have accumulated a bunch of smalls. At first, I would sell the littles at swaps and gas bashes but for the past year, I have been holding onto them and making these displays. It came about because I ran out of room for pumps and signs and I think these collages of smalls look neat. Its like mans version of scrapbooking. I basically use shadowboxes I find at thrift stores and mount the items in with a dab of silicone.” The photos of the shadow boxes are some of the displays he has done with the items that he has saved.

Small Collectible Oil & Gas Memorabilia
The small white box is one that I have put together of some smalls I have gotten.