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Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show Celebrate 18th Annual Event

Scooter’s Truck Stop at the 18th Annual Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show

All of us here at Truck Round-Up are “truck” people. That has us being on a different playing field as the guys and gals with cars sitting next to us at mixed vehicle, vintage events. So when Joel Mulder, the coordinator of the 18th Annual Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show and I talked, I was proud to have received an invite to be at his fine event on Apr. 12, 2014, in Hudsonville, MI.

Then when I was asking Mr. KOOL, Shaun Smith for a box of Truck Round-Up Magazines to be able to hand out at the Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show, he realized that with it having been around for almost 20 years as an only Ford event? It must be a pretty darn good one. So, thanks to Shaun, this is the very first ever truck only event in this publication. (Get with Scooter if you have one I can do this again with.)

Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show


OK, here we go, grab creeper gear and let’s get to it.

It’s held at the community fairgrounds, so there is all kinds of room for spectator parking as well as event vendors and vehicles. It has clean, permanent bathrooms and a fine carnival style vendor to keep you from starving for sure.



It has its own website and, the parking is free.

Joel and his experienced crew has it set up with larger than normal swap spaces, a vehicle for sale corral area, as well as a show vehicle display area.

ANNUAL FORD BRONCO AND PICKUP SWAMP MEET Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show


Take note here gray hairs, I also saw a large number of our young guns complete with their wives or girlfriends carrying dirty rims and manifolds out of the gate after having found what was needed for their truck projects. The best one was a mom, about age 25, pushing one of those three-wheel baby strollers with a wooden creeper bungee corded to the top of it with their child asleep under it. The for sale and show area was to die for and I even helped load up a couple Ford finds that had been purchased at the end of the day.


A MINT EARLY BRONCO Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show


I have to mention a couple trucks that simply stood out for me. Like this early Blue Bronco, with the white removable hardtop. It had front and rear serious push bars and true off road suspension, with biggie off road tires. Then, I was drawn to a non-Ford, as in a dark green, Willys station wagon that was a top shelf unit and then some.

A RARE EARLY WILLYS WAGON Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show


My message to all that are near Western Michigan is this: If you are into Ford trucks, this is the one to be at next year so go to the Ford Bronco And Pickup Spring Swap Meet And Show.


One Fine Street Driven, Dune Climbing Young Guns 1984 Chevrolet 4X4



Adam Rhoda is now 22, and was telling me that years ago he once got a ride in the truck we are featuring now. He waited for years and two or three years ago he made an offer for it and it became his new ride.

Blue 1984 Chevrolet 4x4


It was stock except for the lift kit setup. It also was stock with factory black paint and a big block V-8. It also was in need of some body work and some upgrades that Adam just wanted to have because he’s a self-admitted gear head. With a special thanks to his father-in-law, Randy Hyma, they installed as set of rocker panels, cab corners, and a small amount of patch work on the box. They had a set of no rust doors sent from Florida and performed all of the proper metal and paint prep work to have the high gloss blue paint job shot in it. Adam added the rear rolled pan and the sharp looking custom grill.

Blue 1984 Chevrolet 4x4


Blue 1984 Chevrolet 4x4


The inside got a re-do with a pair of black bucket seats and a nice console, equipped with Auto Meter gauges and a Grant steering wheel with bucket seats and a nice console.


Blue 1984 Chevrolet 4x4 Engine


The engine is a totally fresh big block 396 out to 402 cubic inches that’s been ported, polished and balanced after having installed a “pretty decent cam,” as Adam put it. Then there’s the Edelbrock performer 750 setup with a set of headers and the MSD ignition system. Adam has a durable GM 350 transmission with a B&M ratchet shifter out to the 4:11 gears that lets him run up the gigantic Silver Lake sand dunes and still be able to make it to work during the week.

Blue 1984 Chevrolet 4x4


Gas mileage is not Adams goal, he’s running, 33 x 14” wide x 15” Super Swamper Bogger tires, and doesn’t ever worry about the gas gauge going down. He’s having fun and looking good doing it.

A 1954 Award Winning Chevy Truck Owned By a Mid-20s Canadian Truck Man


Last September when Scooter was covering Don Hanney’s massive, Fall Barrie Ontario Automotive Flea Market & Car Show, our young man of the hour, Mark Nicol, received the 1st place/best 1940-1959 Truck trophy. It was an 1954 award winning Chevy truck owned by a mid-20’s Canadian truck man and I was so happy when Mark and his gal Chelsey let me gather enough information to share this truck’s story with us Truck Round-Up readers.

An Award Winning Chevy


Mark is 27 and his grandfather used to have a ‘53 farm truck back when he was a youngster. So a while ago he came across this old X City of Toronto Model 3600 Chevy wrecker rusting away in a junkyard. He could see that with a bunch of work it could be close to grandpa’s old Chevy truck. First off, he cut it down to become an 8′ box truck and hand formed the whole

1954 Award Winning Chevy Truck


box except for the tailgate out of flat sheet steel. And he went out in the Cedar swamp and got some trees big enough to have milled and become the classy varnished box it shows today.

A 1954 Award Winning Chevy Truck


Mark also did up the interior in the stock setup it came with in black and grey. He told me he wanted to stay the way 90% of the early ‘50s truck actually came. There were very few with velour interior and exteriors of red, bright blue or candy orange in those days. But he also wanted to be able to be driving it all over Ontario, so he grabbed a decent 1988 Chevrolet 1/2 ton frame and chassis, and rebuilt anything that was worn on it. And after that, he installed the body on the chassis with an NOS front end set of sheet metal and did some perfect body work on the cab.

A 1954 Award Winning Chevy Truck


A 1954 Award Winning Chevy Truck


Then it received the block sanding and professional grade paint job. Mark smiled when he told me it came out as an excellent driver. It’s running an efficient F.I. 305 V-8 with an automatic transmission and power steering as well as power disc brakes. The cool outside visor came from a ‘48 Ford but don’t tell any Chevy truck fans. And get this, Mark also is working up two more Chevy trucks: A 1953 5-window and a 1946 2 ton, so, I’d say he’s a died in the wool truck man and the 1954 award winning Chevy truck is proof.

An Award Winning Chevy


A Fine 1970 Chevrolet C-10 with 813 Horsepower Owned By Bob Grice


Bob Grice was telling Scooter that his 813 horsepower 1970 Chevrolet C-10 began by being a Jacksonville, FL saltwater- rusted hunk of steel. It was pre-owned by his ex-father-in-law, and got sold to our man of the hour, Bob, over eight years ago. Bob was quick to tell me that everything that had to be done was done by him. And the result is simply fabulous.

Fine 1970 Chevrolet C-10

Before Restoration

Fine 1970 Chevrolet C-10

Before Restoration

Bob literally ripped apart the 1970 Chevrolet C-10 and performed a complete body-off restoration on it with either replacement panels or small patches as required. The body was then built up and block sanded to perfection before the Sapphire Blue

Fine 1970 Chevy C-10

A Classy looking bed

base coat and clear coat was applied. The stainless and chrome is all new and he’s running some high quality radials with cool aftermarket rims. Bob has it set up with power 4-wheel disc brakes and power steering, but no AC due to the other “stuff” he’s got under the hood that we’ll cover in

Fine 1970 Chevy C-10

Hood scoop gives a hint

a minute or so. Bob has the new suspension done up with air ride tubular upper and lower A-Arms, then he opted for a custom instrument cluster with Auto Meter gauges to keep track of the 406-cubic inch small bock that has a forged crank, rods and pistons. Plus, he did all of the heavy duty-related parts and pieces that, after its Weiand 177 Blower making a 100 psi boost and 150 shot of NOS, lets his Chevy pin the horsepower needle at a whopping 813 horsepower!

Fine 1970 Chevrolet C-10

Mega shine and horsepower

I should mmention, the 1970 Chevrolet C-10 is running Brodix 70 cc heads, a Holley 850 carb and a Comp Cam with roller rockers. That all runs out to a GM turbo 400 that funnels the horsepower to a set of 3:73 gears.


Fine 1970 Chevy C-10

A very nice interior

Bob is very comfortable with his interior done up in the Sapphire blue and gray and a custom steering column. Oh yes, if you ever catch him sitting still? It’s got a show quality wooden bed that’s sitting between the dual NOS bottles. Thanks for being a Truck Round-Up subscriber, Bob.

Fine 1970 Chevrolet C-10

Another subscriber’s show quality truck

Truck Stop: Quality Redo of Mike Franks’ High School Ride, a 1975 Dodge 4×4


This is a quality re-do of what subscriber Mike Franks drove in high school.

Mike's 1975 Dodge 4x4

Before Picture

Mike Franks is a subscriber to Truck Round-Up and I was so happy to learn of the “story” behind his 1975 Dodge 4X4. Mike told me that this time he did it in a time in his life that he had a couple of dollars so it was done up totally correct and cool. But get this readers, Mike began with a bright yellow 1-ton mini pumper unit with only 11,700 miles on it. It was in pretty good mechanical condition but was in need (cosmetically challenged).

Mike's 1975 Dodge 4x4

The finished Dodge 4×4

Mike's 1975 Dodge 4x4

The very nice stock restored interior

To begin with, Mike shortened the frame and related parts and pieces18 inches. This way it was able to become a cool short box ‘75 Dodge 4X4 unit. Mike has spent hours just re-doing the interior with attention to detail things like new step plates, NOS dash bezels, new seat foam and correct seat covering. It’s a new 1975 Dodge inside.

Mike's 1975 Dodge 4x4

One clean 360 V-8

Also I have to mention that Mike was telling me that literally every mechanical part or fitting was either repaired or replaced as needed. I’m talking down to U-joints, fuel pump and anything else that could have wear on or in it. He has detailed the 360 V-8 with finned aluminum valve covers, air filter over the Edelbrock Performer manifold and Holley 4-barrel carburetor. He did keep the factory exhaust manifolds because they were in excellent shape and showed the correct engine, etc., dates on them. He’s still running the 1-ton cab clearance roof lights that let it take on a real truck look at night. The transmission is a proper 727 with Dana 60’s on the front and Dana 70’s on the rear end.

Mike's 1975 Dodge 4x4

A very heavy duty bumper/wench system

Mike also has elected to keep the “serious heavy duty winch and bumper system” from the 1-ton system. The bed got a nice vinyl liner and chrome step bumper to finish it all off fo’ our man of the hour, Mike Franks. He was telling Scooter that this one brings back tons of memories of his younger days. And that we all understand big time.

Truck Stop: Rare Scrambler Model Jeep Brought Back To Fine 4×4 Vehicle


I met Mike Krakker while covering the Old 27 Tour last August. His Jeep stood out from the crowd, so to speak. I just had to talk about it with the rest of you loyal Truck Round-Up readers. Mike Krakker had spent over five years seeking a worthy Jeep Scrambler to give a complete re-do. Once he found one, it took him about a year of hard work to bring it to the excellent shape it’s in today. He did the body up in aluminum diamond plate and fabricated a clear Lexan hood and it’s running the two piece doors and a complete soft top. The bed is finished in varnished oak with black walnut side rails. The seats are high quality heated lumbar units and Mike’s got an, “If it’s too loud, you are too old,” Pioneer FM-CD system with bluetooth, and navigation. He also has set up a pair of DVD players in the back. It’s running more high candle power lights than an airplane, an ultra heavy duty red push bar setup and a suspension to be able to do, go or haul whatever you’d ever want or need to. This fine, Betty-Boop-theme Jeep has a heavy duty trailer hitch because Mike is always hauling around his collector vintage canned ham travel trailer.

Scrambler Jeep Brought Back Transformed To 4x4 Vehicle

Mike’s 1981 towing his vintage trailer

Mike’s able to tow his valuable vintage trailer with ease because

Scrambler Jeep Brought Back Transformed To 4x4 Vehicle

A 454 Big Block V-8

he’s running a powerful 454 big block V-8 mated to a turbo 400 transmission with a model 300 transfer case to a set of Dana 44 axles and an Air Ride system with a 12-inch maximum lift. The tires are 33×12.5x15” radials that let his hydro-boosted, four-wheel disc brakes haul it all in when it’s time.

Scrambler Jeep Brought Back Transformed To 4x4 Vehicle

A serious Jeep up front

Scrambler Jeep Brought Back Transformed To 4x4 Vehicle

Mike’s 1981 towing his vintage trailer

Truck Stop: One Sweet Custom Chevy Truck with 235 ci straight 6-cylinder engine


One Sweet Custom Chevy

7-year old Josh Rogonzinski loved Jim’s 1962

When I was covering the Get Your Kicks On Route 66 Car Show in Pontiac, IL, I saw this enthusiastic 7-year old guy pulling his mom by the hand explaining to her that she just had to go check out what he called his favorite hot rod that was at the big show. I had to agree with young Joshua Rogozinski, so I asked his mom and the truck owners Jim and Trisha Martin if I could take his picture standing by it.

One Sweet Custom Chevy

Sharp as a tack!

One Sweet Custom Chevy

Back of Jim’s 1962

One Sweet Custom Chevy

A way cool front end






Plus, then I asked if Jim would be ok with me doing a feature article on it in “Scooter’s Truck Stop” in Truck Round-Up. Jim was telling me he’s been a truck guy for a while and that his buddy Larry had bought our featured 1962 Chevrolet short box step side a few years ago, at Duffy’s Collectible Cars which happens to be an advertiser in Auto Round-Up. It was a pretty nice truck to begin with because it had began its life in California. Larry was ready to get on to something else and sold it to Jim about a year ago. Jim told me that it has only 81,000 miles from new on it. He has added the safe and cool-looking Coker wide white radials and the spinner hubcaps that he did up with the teal green inserts. If you look close, you will see that Jim has used the teal green for the grill, tailgate Chevrolet lettering, some of the neat stars as well as emblem paint, the rims and the custom tonneau cover. Jim was proud to tell me that he also made the fender skirts for it and purchased new bumpers; plus, he added those clear tri-bar halogen headlights for night cruising. He installed the chrome eagle hood emblem, the wood box step pads, a pair of dummy spot lights and side window vent shades. Jim has lowered it old skool, via cut springs and blocks, etc. Air shocks were also added as well as a set of duals that can only sound as they do with a 235-cubic inch straight six-cylinder engine. It’s still running the 4-speed floor shift/creeper gear transmission with high- revving 4:88 gears. Jim told me that will be getting removed by next season for easier highway cruising. His engine compartment is totally detailed with paint including matching the teal green and the white gold interior colors. The inside is tuck ‘n roll and has been stitched up to a fine level of looks and quality.

One Sweet Custom Chevy

Totally detailed!

One Sweet Custom Chevy

Sharp custom interior

Truck Stop: Trevor Sakry’s 1954 Chevy 350

Scooter met Trevor Sakry while doing a “Scooter’s Garage” article on the cool 20th Annual Memories on Main Street Car Show in Galax, VA a few months ago.

Truck Stop: Sakry's 1954 Chevy

A low and classy 1954 Chevy Pickup Truck

Trevor was telling me that he had been searching for a decent muscle car, but that those vehicles just ended up a little beyond his current budget. That was about 10 years ago and his whole family had been alerted to keep an eye out for something within his limit. An uncle gave Trevor the info on this 1954 Chevrolet Model 3100 pickup truck that was running but in need of a complete restoration.

Truck Stop: Sakry's 1954 Chevy

Up front and awesome

Truck Stop: Sakry's 1954 Chevy

Out back and cool






Trevor is a master at custom cabinetry so he would be up to having an ultra high-quality ride with much attention to detail.
First, he ripped out the whole stock drivetrain and pulled the body off the frame. He then had that powder coated and installed a Mustang II front rack and pinion system. The body was reworked to be arrow straight and painted a sharp PPG blue. Trevor also paid the dollars to have every stock emblem and bezel replaced and purchased a set of brand new bumpers.

Truck Stop: Sakry's 1954 Chevy

The bed is done to perfection

Truck Stop: Sakry's 1954 Chevy

Trevor’s hidden gas cap






Plus, he installed all new window rubbers and then he did the bed up with varnished oak. Paying attention to detail, he laid down blue body colored bed strips. Trevor even has his secret gas filler and cap hidden in the passenger side front steak rack hole in the bed as another quality touch.

Truck Stop: Sakry's 1954 Chevy

A 350 with all the right stuff It’s running a 350 with a mild cam shaft and an Edelbrock carburetor, manifold and headers with custom bent to fit duals. The transmission is a durable turbo 350 unit, out to an upgraded open rear end and a mono leaf spring setup.

Inside it’s all class, thanks to a 1978 Lebaron seat system,

Truck Stop: Sakry's 1954 Chevy

Trevor’s 1954 Regal interior with A/C

a custom headliner and door panels. Trevor’s got tunes via a JL Audio system as well as an I-Pod setup. He topped his fine truck off with American Torque Thrust mags, radials and, oh yes, an ice cold AV system. A fine ride for sure.