Car Show Checklist – What Should I Bring?

What should I bring to a car show? Let me help with my Car Show Checklist!  Harvey and I would like to throw out some items most of you will think are no-brainers. But then again, as novices and today’s busy I-pod/pea pod, blueberry/blackberry people, we sometimes miss the small “stuff.”

To be able to enjoy a car show to the max we’ll be giving you all the basics.  First grab a piece of paper to take notes and create your own custom Car Show Checklist.

Do not wear high heels, either sex I might add. Believe me, I still see this at least once or twice a year. Unless you are attending the Pebble Beach Concourse De Elegance: jeans, casual slacks, and shorts (if you have the legs for them) are good. Car show T-shirts seem to rule, but knits and even halter tops can be OK. Just be casually dressed. I also like a hat or a visor and sun glasses. If you’re the middle aged beer belly type, an extra shirt is nice for when you slop that Billy Bobs mega chili dog down the front of your first shirt.

Next. Shade is generally at a premium. A canopy is getting to be
almost a must on the “STUFF” list. We’ll hit the high spots on these.

Everyone makes one. Wal-Mart, JC Whitney, Meijer, Northern Tool & Equipment, Harbor Freight & Tool. Rite Aid, and many others. 8′ x 8′ is OK. The most popular are the 10′ x 10’s. Some are a two person job to erect and some are of the “instant up” variety. Prices range from $20 to over $200 depending on weather proofing level, steel or aluminum poles, quality of framing, and the way they erect features. A leader in canopies is The reason for this is they make a instant up 10′ x 10′ in steel at about $185 and in H.D. Aluminum at about $225 in red or blue. The unusual feature here is it is only about 47 inches when bagged.

So if you have limited trunk space or are intending to ride a cycle to the show, you’ll have a much easier time storing your canopy. They and many others sell larger size canopies, and different colors. You can even get ones with manufacturer’s emblems & flames, etc. on them. Most car people will tell you, once you sit in the shade, you’ll never want to roast uncanopied all afternoon again.

This brings up chairs. You must get a pair or maybe 4 of those cloth, fold up (stuff in a bag) chairs to be comfortable. Again everyone makes them & some can hold 400 lbs., there is even a 1000 lb. capacity one out there. Depending on the amount of shopping you want to do, there are car brand names and even flames on the chairs.

Next on your car show checklist should be tables. Again, there are many lightweight, fold up & bag tables that will fit your needs. Most are not. Also many bring a cooler. Let’s cover alcohol here a bit. We are all adults, but you should know many shows say no alcohol, and some let it pass with discretion. Most car people are not heavy drinkers. I’ve always said this because we spend all of our money on our old car and have no money left for beer. Plus, in today’s society we all realize the problems that can come from drinking and driving. Nuff said.

Soda and bottles of water are always good and accepted. Lately I’m seeing more people bringing a picnic lunch or SMALL gas grill, depending on the location and length of the show hours. I do, however, strongly suggest if there are car show food booths and local, close businesses that you support them.

If there is a swap meet there, an antique pull wagon is helpful to haul the “stuff” you buy. Also if you have young children there are now many car look strollers and street rod look wagons that are so cool. This was not brain surgery, but in some cases needed to be said. Add to this a camera, or other recording device, paper, pens and a tooth pick to get that piece of lettuce out from between your teeth so you can smile and enjoy the show.

Hope this helps you make your own Car Show Checklist!  Gotta go, the brown truck (UPS) is here. The gagage is closed. Scooter.