Ad Policy


  1. Liability – Please refer to our Liability Statement for more details.
  2. Years Accepted – In the biweekly Auto Round-Up ads must be pre-1990. (Exceptions are motorcycles or vehicles/parts/miscellaneous items that represent items from pre-1990, i.e., a brand new bumper for a 1967 Mustang.) Ads submitted representing items from 1990-present may be published in our sister publication, Classic Car Round-Up, in which there is no year limit, or monthly Truck Round-Up, in which there is no year limit for trucks, equipment, off road vehicles, etc.
  3. Free Ad Qualification – Each customer (subscriber or newsstand buyer) is permitted two free ads per issue, whether they are word ads or black and white photo ads, or a combination of each. All items must be automotive-related and this is decided by Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc.  To qualify, you must use the forms provided in the print magazine or visit our website and place your ad using our Online Print Ad Form.  If you choose to mail your ads in and you enclose more than one ad in the same mail piece, DO NOT use tape, staples, etc. to attach the ad form to the picture.  Instead, label them either “A, B, C . . .” or “1, 2, 3 . . .”  We do not take free ads over the phone or by email.  If you do not use the form(s) provided in the print magazine or our Online Print Ad Form, you may be subject to service fees or your ad simply may not be published.  The free ads are designed for private owners, not businesses—which we must charge.  There is a charge for Full Color Photo Ads, Display Ads, and Business/Service Directly listings.  If you want to publish more than your two free ads per Auto Round-Upor 5 free ads per Truck Round-Up or Classic Car Round-Up issues, see rates below.
  4. Item Limit – Each ad is limited to one item per ad. Exceptions include but are not excluded to:  Parting out vehicles, collection of vehicles or parts for one set price (you cannot list individual prices for different items in the same ad as this becomes multiple ads), literature, titles, and other similar collections to be authorized by Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc.  If you want to publish more than your two free ads, see rates below.
  5. Word Limit – 20 words, excluding the year, make, model, price, phone number, city, and state. This applies to all Photo Ads and Word Ads.
  6. Required Information – You must complete the ad form(s) with all required information in order for your ad to be published. If you do not fill out the phone number field, your address will be published instead.
  7. Re-runs – Ads are scheduled and published for one issue only. The exception is when we are working on the next issue and may need a photo ad or word ad or two to make the page come out even, however, this is no guarantee.  You can re-run your ad for free by either notifying us by mail, website, or phone with the following information:  Name of Magazine, Issue Number, (your ad last appeared in; must be within 6 months) Page Number, Year, Make, Model, City, State, and Phone number used in the ad.  If you do not provide all of this information, your ad may not be renewed.  Ads are only renewed for one issue.  To run multiple times, service charges apply, see next point. To re-run by phone, call 304-884-6887, M-F, 8:00AM-4:30PM, EST.
  8. Multiple Ad Runs – To schedule your ad for multiple consecutive runs, these fees apply: ) Word Ads are $5.00 per issue; b.) Black and White Photo Ads are $7.50 per issue; c.) Full Color Photo Ads are $29.95 per issue for a small combo ad, $69.95 for a medium combo ad, $99.95 for a large combo ad with incremental increases to feature the ad in multiple magazines and online for longer periods of 1 print magazine & 30 days, 2 print magazines & 60 days online or 3 print magazines & 90 days online.
  9. No Refunds – No refunds will ever be made for advertisements or magazine sales, only in the form of credit for Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc. Refer to the Liability statement for more details.
  10. Ad Policies – If you do not follow these guidelines correctly or as we have them designed, your ad may not be published. See our Liability Statement on the Table of Contents page for more details.


    Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc. reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason whatsoever. Auto Round-Up Publications reserves the right to edit any advertisement for any reason. Advertisements must be automotive related. In consideration of publishing any ad the advertiser and/or agency shall indemnify, defend and save Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc., its publishers, agents, printers, or parent companies harmless from and against any loss or expense (including attorney’s fees) arising from publication, including, without limitation, any loss or expense resulting from a claim or suit for libel, invasion of privacy or copyright infringement or any other claim based on the contents of the advertisement. Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc. cannot be responsible for errors caused by illegible or unclear copy. Failure by Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc. to publish an ad for any reason does not subject Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc. to any liability, whatsoever, nor constitute a breach of contract, or otherwise give cause for any other claim against Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc. Auto Round-Up Publications, Inc.’s liability for any error or omission in publication will not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the advertisement. No refunds will ever be made for advertisements or magazine sales, except in the format of credit.