2013 SEMA Car Viewing Without A Badge Part II


The Las Vegas Convention Center held the 47th Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show on Nov. 5-8, 2013 and the two million square feet of indoor space was covered with the absolutely greatest cars and car products. The 2013 SEMA car viewing saw nearly 130,000 car enthusiasts in attendance for this four-day extravaganza and nearly 2,000 cars were there to be appreciated and draw buyers into the booths.

This event is for “trade only” meaning that diehard gear heads can’t just wander in. Only authorized official registrants from legitimate companies can cross the portals. But despite this stance, I still see some folks come wandering through that make me scratch to question how “they” got in. One male slickster with a beard was bearing a badge with “Judy ” for a name.
But here’s a secret: not all of the cars are on the other side of the velvet ropes. Although polite, suited guards will man all the doorways, there are plenty of cars on the outside!

While I might not plan on visiting all week without a badge, if you are in town that week, there is still plenty to see for one day outside at the Show and all for free making it possible to to attend the 2013 SEMA car viewing without a badge..

You may have seen Barry Meguiar hosting his Car Crazy show on cable TV. A good portion of some of these interviews with industry leaders occur smack in front of SEMA. The elevated stage is just outside the main convention hall and hosts a number of interviews with ever-changing car scenery in the background.

The front of the whole convention center is awash with display vehicles of all types. Visitors are welcome to wander through this huge parking area and sidewalk without any badging. Probably 4oo-plus cars are on the sidewalks and in the lobbies, free for all to see. Neat fact-SEMA has local high school bands perform in front just before the show opens up each day.

Also in the front parking lot area of the Las Vegas Convention Center, SEMA always sets up some sort of “proving ground” to allow a manufacturer to show off their cars. This year Ford was spinning their tires, drifting and running amok. In years past Toyota brought in tons of dirt to show off their “off- road” capabilities of the Tundra and Sequoia. And some vendors set up in this area as well.

Finally on Friday, the last day of the show, the SEMA Cruise is held in the afternoon, after the show officially closes. Then cars are invited to cruise out and give fans a chance to see these vehicles in action. This year, Chip Foose came over to thank the fans for coming to SEMA and over 200 cars drove out during the two-hour event. Fans sat in the bleachers, especially setup just for this event, and they also lined the driveways to see the cars roar by. And the drivers did not disappoint, as the trucks turned on their high-powered LED lights, the exhausts rumbled and the vehicles drove by letting us all admire these rolling pieces of art. Can’t wait to see the show next year.

See ya’ on the road!